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Importance of Invisalign Success and Tips to Make it Work - St. Peters, MO

Invisalign is a modern alternative to braces that do not have any metal brackets or wires that helps in straightening the teeth. It is made of clear thermoplastic materials that are durable and flexible enough to correct malocclusions. In the past few years, the popularity of the Invisalign treatment has been growing steadily. Many people prefer it as treatment compared to traditional braces.

Regular Dental Checkup for a Healthier and Stronger Teeth - St Peters, MO

Everyone wants a healthier and stronger tooth, and that includes you! Who would not want it? Healthier and stronger teeth improve the physical appearance and oral health. Cardinal Dental can help improve the physical appearance and oral health through cleanings and complete checkups. Achieve a healthier and stronger tooth with professional services in a warm and safe environment with caring and excellent dental team and office staffs.

Bidding Goodbye To Bruxism in St. Peters, MO

You know you did not have a good night sleep when you woke up feeling a terrible pain of the jaw, stiffness or a headache during the day. You may not find this issues serious, but this might be the cause of Bruxism.

New Year- New Toothbrush!

Happy New Year from our entire team at Cardinal Dental. We’re thrilled to begin another year of serving you and our other clients at our office. We also look forward to meeting new patients in 2018 as well.

Why Not Add Porcelain Veneers To Your Wish List

Have you made your holiday wish list yet? Often times the latest gadgets or trends top everyone’s lists. What’s on yours? Have you considered that what you might be asking for will most likely be out of style or replaced by newer technology by the time next December rolls around?