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Three Ways to Naturally Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Achoo!  Sound familiar?  It’s cold and flu season!  You probably have a co-worker sneezing beside you right now.  And if you’re like many people living in the St. Peters area, dealing with coughs, sneezes, and sinuses is just a way of life.  But what if there’s an easy way to help ward off the sore throat and the sniffles?  Luckily, your friendly neighborhood dentist is here with three tips on how to stay healthy this season and how to fight back if sickness strikes.

Step One:  Be On the Offensive When It Comes to Bacteria

We know that bacteria is everywhere and there are certain kinds that cause illness.  But did you know that it is possible to remove it before it makes you sick?  And it all starts with your tongue.

On a microscopic level, the tongue’s appears is similar to a fine bristled brush.  Every time you eat, food debris gets caught on your tongue, along with bacteria that can cause bad breath and make you sick! 

Daily removal of this tongue debris with a tongue scraper will help keep your tongue clean, your breath fresh, and that darn sickness causing bacteria from wreaking havoc on your immune system!

Step Two:  Soak Up Plenty of Vitamin D

During the winter months, it is difficult to make it outside or near a window to soak up some of the sun’s rays because there just aren’t as many hours of sunlight available.  Vitamin D plays an important role in boosting the immune system and studies have shown that about half of us are deficient in this vitamin. 

A way to boost your vitamin D intake is to spend some time in the sun.  For example, try eating your lunch by a window or step outside and soak up some rays on your break.  Another way to boost Vitamin D is taking a daily oral supplement.  I prefer to use a liquid vitamin D supplement.  It’s tasteless and easily added to my morning coffee.  This has really helped keep me healthy this season!

Step Three:  Try This Home Remedy When the Sniffles Strike!

Any time that I feel a sore throat, runny nose, or sinus congestion coming on, I whip up a mug of my natural home remedy Ginger Tea.  I like mint tea and I like ginger, but this combination together has helped me naturally fight off sinus problems this winter.  Here’s the recipe:

Dr. Cyndi’s Sniffle Stopper Recipe

1 Fresh, organic ginger root
1 Mint tea bag
Local honey (optional)

Peel the fresh ginger root using a carrot peeler, stripping the root into a small pot of filtered water.  Boil the ginger root for two minutes.  At the same time, warm filtered water in a teapot until the pot whistles.  In a mug, pour water from teapot three-fourths of the way full, and steep mint teabag as directed (approximately two to five minutes).  After removing the teabag, fill the remaining one-fourth of the mug with ginger water.  Sweeten with local honey to taste.