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Why We LOVE Cardinals Nest





If you haven’t heard about Cardinals Nest, you need to know about it. Especially if you’re a stay at home mom or dad, or if you’re a grandparent who takes care of kids during the day. It is the most amazing program that we offer here at Cardinal Dental. I’m telling you what.


What it is, is supervised playtime for your kids so that you can get the quality dental care that you deserve, in a relaxed atmosphere.


So what’s awesome about that, is on Thursday mornings, one of my amazing, beautiful, talented staff members is actually spending time with your kids, playing games and learning about how to take care of their own teeth while you get your dental appointment. It was packed today, it was absolutely packed. I snuck down there to check it out and see how it’s going and everyone was having a ball. I heard nothing but giggles and all the kids were having such a good time.


Shayna, one of my amazing staff members that is usually is down in Cardinals Nest, is so creative. The kids were making up games, they were playing, they were doing this without a lot of electronics, which is pretty cool, I think. You know, kids nowadays they love, love, love to play on their iPads and iPhones and everything. They were playing cars, and trucks, and it was great. Dad got his teeth all taken care of today and was totally relaxed, didn’t worry about a thing. Another mom, she got her dental care taken care of, and it was so nice.


So, if you guys haven’t checked out Cardinals Nest, give us a call, it’s time to schedule your appointment. Because like I said, it’s just amazing.


One of the things one of the parents told me today is that their kids have never been to the dentist yet, so they bring them into the Cardinals Nest so they can have an awesome time, and when it is time for their first appointment, they’re not going to be so worried and so scared. And I love that, I love that because they’ve been a few times and they look forward to going. They’re like, okay, when are we going back? When they’re just a little bit older and ready for their first dental checkup, they’re already going to love coming here because it’s a totally fun place. So not only is it good for mom and dad, it’s good for the kids, too, and it’s going to create a great experience in the future. So, I mean, that’s one of the reasons that I love Cardinals Nest, is because we’re really trying to take the fear and anxiety out of going to the dentist. And we’re going to start that at a young age, and so I think that’s really helpful.


Another thing that I love about Cardinals Nest, is that parents don’t have to worry. We have an iPad with a closed circuit camera system, so they can check in, they can pick up the iPad and see exactly what their kids are doing. It’s the certain kind of camera, too, that they can actually talk to their kids through the camera without having to get up and go anywhere. That piece of mind for the parents—man, it’s like no problem. The kids are having a good time, parents are relaxed, it’s perfect. I love it. This is changing everything, you guys. Totally changing everything.


One of the other things that I love about Cardinals Nest is that moms finally get a chance to be put first. I know a lot of amazing moms, and I have met a lot of amazing moms in my last ten years in dentistry, and I hear the same thing: “Well, little Johnny needs new shoes,” or “Sally needs braces,” or this or that, and “we can get to me whenever everybody else is taken care of.” So, what happens is, sometimes the kids finally make it through college and mom’s exhausted, “Okay, now it’s time to take care of me.” And some of the smaller problems that we could have taken care of previously are now bigger, more expensive problems. So Cardinals Nest is giving mom a chance to be put first, and that’s so important, you guys. So remember, small problems turn into big problems if we ignore them. Cardinals Nest is taking that away, and it’s making it possible for mom and dad to get the care that they need at a time that’s convenient for them as well.

Those are my favorite things about Cardinals Nest. If you haven’t made your reservation, call us tomorrow, seriously. Everybody’s standing by, ready to share this amazing experience with you!