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Saving Money At The Dentist - Part 1 - Fluoride

So many people come and tell me how much they hate coming to the dentist because it’s so expensive, and it’s so stressful and it’s, “Uhh, I don’t want to go because I don’t want something to be wrong. And then what if something is wrong and then I have to pay for it...” If you know me, I’m big on prevention.


So today I wanted to share the first of my three very simple, very affordable tips on how to save money at the dentist: fluoride.


If you have children, you know that pretty much every time your kid goes to the dentist, we’re recommending a fluoride treatment. A lot of times, adults aren’t recommended fluoride. I haven’t quite figured that one out, because even though I’m a grown up, I still need fluoride. I need fluoride every six months, at least. Fluoride will help decrease the risk of getting a cavity by 75%. That’s a no-brainer. 75% chance of reducing your chances of getting a cavity.


So if you’re like me, I love to drink coffee; I drink my coffee every day. And especially if we’re putting sweeteners into our coffee, or if you’re drinking soda, or juice or milk or energy drinks, then that is increasing your chance of getting a cavity astronomically. It’s just ridiculous. The chance of getting a cavity is so big. By getting a professional fluoride treatment from us at our office, you’re reducing your chance by 75%. Huge, right? So if you can prevent a cavity, number one, it’s going to be cheaper than having to get a filling or a crown or something like that, but also fluoride is painless, you guys.


Not to mention - believe it or not, fluoride actually tastes kind of good nowadays. My favorite fluoride treatment that we have in our office is caramel flavored. I mean, give me a break: caramel flavored fluoride at the dentist? I can’t think of very many things better than that. So it tastes good and it’s good for you.


We do fluoride treatments a lot for kids. For adults, sometimes insurance doesn’t cover it, but your insurance doesn’t have your best—what’s good for you, in mind. They don’t have your best interests at heart. Fluoride is super cheap, it’s like $20-40, if your insurance doesn’t cover it. Super, super cheap way to prevent cavities.

Again, 75%, you guys, you should be doing this every six months.