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2nd Anniversary Open House Celebration

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Who: You're invited!
What: Cardinal Dental's 2nd Anniversary and Remodel Completion
When: Thursday, May 19, 2016 3:30-7
Where: 1400 Triad Center Dr. St Peters, MO 63376
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Saving Money At The Dentist - Part 1 - Fluoride

So many people come and tell me how much they hate coming to the dentist because itís so expensive, and itís so stressful and itís, ďUhh, I donít want to go because I donít want something to be wrong. And then what if something is wrong and then I have to pay for it...Ē If you know me, Iím big on prevention.

Saving Money At The Dentist - Part 2 - Sealants

Sealants are great, and a lot of times just recommended for kids. One of the things I try to educate our patients on, however, is that sealants are great for adults as well. Every tooth in the back of your mouth has a 95% chance of catching a cavity in your lifetime. 95%, so it might as well be 100%. That statistic just blew my mind. You might as well say every tooth in my head has a 100% chance of getting a cavity in my lifetime. Iíve seen a lot of 20-30 year olds without cavities, but Iíll tell you, Iíve never seen a 60 year old whoís never had a cavity in their life.

What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Your Prescription Medications - Part 1

Are you taking more than two prescription medications a day? Iím about to share something with you that your doctor probably didnít clue you in on whenever they prescribed that next medication for you.

Why We LOVE Cardinals Nest

If you havenít heard about Cardinals Nest, you need to know about it. Especially if youíre a stay at home mom or dad, or if youíre a grandparent who takes care of kids during the day. It is the most amazing program that we offer here at Cardinal Dental. Iím telling you what.

What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Your Prescription Medications - Part 2

Dry mouth is a huge, but common, issue that we have to fight. We have to find the right products to help prevent cavities from happening underneath those crowns and bridges. We have to help avoid those expensive fixes for these problems. I donít want you to have to go through the pain of a dental abscess. But if your mouth is so dry that your salivaís natural cavity-fighting properties are not there, weíre going to have those problems.

Saving Money At The Dentist - Part 3 - Six Month Checkups

I know itís really easy, and I heard two people do it just this afternoon. We call to confirm an appointment, and theyíre like, ďUh, how about not tomorrow, can you do Thursday?Ē It is so easy to postpone your dental appointment, because in the back of your mind nothing hurts, no big deal. But by keeping up with those appointments, we can help you identify things that may be wrong. Maybe your diet changed, maybe you started drinking your coffee with a new creamer in it, or maybe your doctor just put you on a new blood pressure medication, and you donít know that the blood pressure medication causes dry mouth. And so... your tiny ignored cavity turns into a big cavity. If you donít keep up with your appointments, youíll never know if itís something small.

The TRUTH about dental X-RAYS

There is a lot of misinformation thatís out there about dental x-rays and the potential side effects from them. I know that every once in a while, Dr. Oz will get on his show and talk about how dental x-rays are bad, how you shouldnít get dental x-rays and the dentist just recommends them way too often. The fact of the matter is, with the digital technology that we have, weíre able to limit the amount of radiation exposure that dental x-rays will produce.

How to Cure, prevent bad breath

Valentines Day is the most romantic day of the year. The most important part of planning the perfect Valentineís Day date is planning on having fresh breath.

Cardinal Dental Welcomes Dr. Rick Blalock

Active Family Chiropractic is located in St. Peters, MO and is operated and owned by Dr. Richard W. Blalock. Active Family Chiropractic provides fast, affordable, and effective care in the surrounding St. Peters, Weldon Spring, St. Charles, and O'Fallon area. Our mission is to provide high quality chiropractic care to individual and their families.