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Bidding Goodbye To Bruxism in St. Peters, MO

You know you did not have a good night sleep when you woke up feeling a terrible pain of the jaw, stiffness or a headache during the day. You may not find this issues serious, but this might be the cause of Bruxism.

Bruxism is a condition where people grind, gnash or clench their teeth especially during sleeping. People who unconsciously grind and clench their teeth during sleep are experiencing sleep bruxism. Some people suffer frequent and severe bruxism which leads them to experience jaw disorders, headaches and even damaged teeth. However, some bruxism is mild enough that it doesn’t require any treatment.

Symptoms of Bruxism

  • Loud teeth grinding or clenching

  • Sleep Disruption

  • Flattened or fractured teeth

  • Jaw or neck pain

  • Earache like pain, though it is not an earache

  • A dull headache

How to Avoid Bruxism

The most effective way to combat bruxism is by using a using a nightguard. A nightguard is a device placed in the mouth on the top of the teeth that helps with grinding and clenching of teeth. Nonetheless, it only serves as a cushion to the teeth so it will wear down the guard instead of wearing down the teeth. Nightguard could help the patient get a good night’s sleep and get rid of morning headaches.

Cardinal Dental offers teeth grinding and bruxism treatment by customizing nightguards for patients. We ensure the optimal comfort of the patient by using only the most mouthguard models.

Moreover, there are some other tips to help stop teeth grinding:

  • Alcohol tends to intensify teeth grinding. Lower your alcohol consumption.

  • Putting a warm washcloth in front of your earlobe relaxes jaw muscles.

  • Get rid of chewing gum. The repetitive motion of chewing can aggravate discomfort and pain in the jaw muscle.

  • Avoid getting stress. Find time to relax and unwind for a while.

  • Cut back food and drinks that contain caffeine like chocolate and coffee.

  • Train your jaw muscle to relax by positioning the tip of your tongue between your teeth.


If you are suffering from Bruxism, schedule your appointment with us for diagnosis & treatment we offer Nightguard for Bruxism – Teeth Grinding in St. Peters, MO . Our dental office is located at 1400 Triad Center Dr · St. Peters, MO.