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Fall Foods To Grab To Whiten Your Teeth

St. Peters MO Cosmetic Dentistry TreatmentsFall ushers in a variety of changes. The changes we see outside are breathtakingly beautiful. The fall colors covering St. Peters provide us many reasons to be grateful to live in a part of the United States that enjoys the change of seasons each year. With the change of seasons, we also see a change in the foods available to us. The fall foods that are harvested during this time provide deliciousness to our pallets and great nourishment for our bodies. But, did you know that some fall foods might have a whitening benefit to your teeth?


Apples are a fruit that many people forget have a season. However, in the Northern Hemisphere, they are harvested in late summer through fall. The juicy fruit increases your saliva production, which can help wash away bacteria that can lead to discoloration of your teeth.


This vegetable can be grown year-round but it is sweeter and less bitter and sharp when it is harvested when it’s cooler outside. Broccoli is high in fiber and coarse. It acts as scrubbers for your teeth.


This crunchy vegetable can be harvested year-round, but the carrot’s natural season is late summer and fall. These sweet and yummy treats can whiten your teeth by washing away food debris and giving your gums strength.


Water has no beginning or end to its harvesting season. It should be enjoyed every day of the year. It keeps your smile bright by preventing and washing away staining foods and drinks from resting on your teeth.

In addition to munching, crunching and sipping on these fall favorites, you should also book your teeth whitening appointment with Cardinal Dental today!

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