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Moms! Indulge Yourself For Mother’s Day With a Free Massage!

St. Peters MO DentistHappy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! You sure deserve an entire day that is dedicated to honoring all that you do for your family. The sacrifices you make on behalf of your family deserves being commended. The dedication you have for your family, and community is honorable.

What is it you really want for Mother’s Day? Have you been eyeing one of those new Instant pots, the crockpot/pressure cooker? They look amazing! Or, perhaps you’re opposed to the idea of receiving a gift that you’d use in the kitchen. Maybe a new purse, or piece of jewelry is calling your name. Let’s not forget the gift that nobody would ever turn down, a massage! There’s nothing like getting a block of silent time where your mind doesn’t need to be going a million directions and someone is catering to your needs. That is Mom Heaven!

Did you know you could actually enjoy a massage every day? You can and should give your gums a little therapeutic massage! To do this you put a dab of coconut oil on your finger and gently massage your gums in a circular motion. You can begin working on the upper and lower jaw and then move onto the inside and outside of your gums.

The benefits of a gum massage are great! It stimulates circulation in your gums. This circulation will help rinse out plague and cellular fluids. It can also stimulate growth in your gums if they are receding. The benefits are visually and physically appealing.

Book your appointment with us at Cardinal Dental, so we can help you discover other ways to spoil yourself dentally this month!

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