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Smile Power Day

St. Peters MO OrthodontistDid you know that June 15th is Smile Power Day? If not, that’s ok. We’re not sure where or how this day originated, but at Cardinal Dental, we’ll take any day that celebrates your smile. Smiling is important to us. First and foremost, we want you to have a healthy smile. However, we also know that a confident smile is important as well, that’s why we offer Invisalign! Invisalign will help you accomplish your powerful smile using custom made clear aligner trays to adjust your teeth to make them straight, aligned and beautiful.

Did you know that when you’re feeling insecure about your smile it could affect other areas of your life? Crooked or misaligned teeth exposed by your smile may be something you’ve been trying to hide. Hiding your smile means you have an insecure smile. This may lead you to shying away from photos (especially selfies). It may cause you to not want to engage in dating relationships. And sadly, your insecure smile could send a wrong ‘vibe’ when you’re doing your business transactions.

In business, people want to deal with confident individuals. Could you be confusing clients, customers or business partners by sending them mixed signals with your smile? You definitely want what you’re putting forth on the outside to match the confident person that you are on the inside.

At Cardinal Dental, Dr. Blalock wants to give you a confident and powerful smile. Call and book your appointment today to find out how Invisalign can help turn your insecure smile to a POWER smile!

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