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Yummy Foods For Your Tummy and “Gummy”

St. Peters MO General DentistSometimes it’s hard to find food that both satisfy your tummy and your health. Dentally speaking, feeding your teeth tummies and “gummies” with healthy foods is important. Maintaining the health of your gums is important because when your gums’ health is compromised it can lead to periodontal disease (or gum disease).

Feeding your gums doesn’t have to be something you dread. You can eat foods that are not only delicious, but good for your gums as well.

  1. Feed your gums with foods that are rich in calcium and phosphorous. These are known as the building blocks of enamel. Some great sources of calcium are cheese (hard, aged), milk, seafood, yogurt, tofu and almonds. Foods packed with phosphorous are red meats, eggs, pumpkin seeds, fish and Brazil nuts.
  2. Choose foods that are filled with Vitamin C. Vitamin C will reduce inflammation, and builds your blood vessels with strength. Vitamin C also produces collagen, which is an important protein that will help fight gum disease. Feast on foods filled with Vitamin C such as bell peppers, oranges, strawberries, kale, broccoli and kiwi.
  3. Munch and crunch on foods that are crispy and contain lots of water. The process of chewing will produce saliva that is a natural neutralizer of the harmful bacteria that can cause cavities. The crunchy foods also gently scrub and clean the surfaces in your mouth and remove plaque and food particles. Choose raw veggies and fruits (not chips!). Grab some apples, celery, carrots and cucumbers.

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