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Emergency Dentistry

While many dental issues can either be prevented or handled within a generous time frame, there are some situations that warrant immediate treatment. If you need emergency dental care for you or a member of your family in the St. Peters area, trust Cardinal Dental. Not only are we able to perform a full menu of dental services right here in our office, but we also take extra measures to keep you relaxed throughout your visit.

Whether you are missing work due to a severe toothache or your child knocked out a tooth on the school playground, we realize that dental emergencies can be a stressful experience. Cardinal Dental offers soothing amenities and sedation dentistry if needed. Most of all, our staff approaches urgent dental visits with compassionate, patient-centered care.

Urgent Dental Care

We encourage patients to call us as soon as possible if they are experiencing an urgent dental concern. Neglecting to treat a dental emergency can lead to worsening pain and costly treatments down the road. Our office is equipped to treat patients of all ages in the following types of dental emergencies:

  • Toothache
  • Dislodged tooth
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Filling or crown loss
  • Gum or teeth bleeding
  • Abscess

By choosing a qualified dentist to handle your unexpected dental problems, you can gain more accurate treatments and more sustainable results. Whenever possible, avoid going to the emergency room for urgent dental care. Dr. Blalock is an excellent emergency dentist who can ensure your smile is safely restored to optimal health and appearance.

Do you have a dental emergency? Are you not sure if your tooth pain requires urgent treatment? Contact Cardinal Dental today. We reserve time in our daily schedule to handle dental emergencies.