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Not only is your smile one of your most powerful assets, but your smile health is often a window into your overall health. How well are you taking care of your teeth and gums? Along with daily brushing and flossing, you should be attending routine dental exams every six months. This allows us to detect and treat minor dental problems before they compromise your oral health or require costly treatment.

At Cardinal Dental, we are equipped to treat all aspects of your smile with our dental care services. Whether your child is visiting us for a routine cleaning or you need a chipped or decayed tooth repaired, you can trust Dr. Blalock to offer compassionate and knowledgeable care at every step. She is a gentle and talented dentist who stays at the forefront of modern dentistry. Using proven techniques and innovative dental technology, we can keep your smile healthy and confident at every stage of life.

In the comfort of our St. Peters office, patients can take advantage of the following services in general dentistry:

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Our dedication to your smile health is unrivaled. Cardinal Dental proudly offers your entire family comfortable dental treatments in a friendly atmosphere. We also realize that no two smiles are alike. Therefore, you will find that Dr. Blalock tailors your treatment plan to meet your unique dental needs and goals. From preventive care and periodontal therapy to jaw pain treatment and more, we understand the vast demands that patients have when it comes to their smile.

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