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Orthodontics is no longer limited to wires, brackets and bands. This is a welcome advancement for most teens and adults who dread wearing unsightly metal braces to gain a straighter smile. Cardinal Dental is proud to offer the most proven and preferred solutions in orthodontics. Dr. Blalock is qualified to offer treatments that correct crooked teeth, gapped teeth, underbites, overbites and crowded teeth. Unlike past orthodontic models, our options fit into your lifestyle and help you retain a healthy, confident smile during treatment.

At Cardinal Dental, we proudly offer the following option in advanced orthodontics:

The Importance of Straight Teeth

Crooked or gapped teeth undoubtedly affect your smile appearance. However, straight teeth offer far more than desirable aesthetics. Teeth that are well-spaced and aligned are also healthier. This is due to the fact that crooked or crowded teeth are harder to keep clean. In addition, straight teeth help your jaw to function properly. Misalignment can put unnecessary strain on certain jaw muscles, putting you at risk for TMJ discomfort down the road. To boost your smile appearance and protect your oral health, consider straightening your teeth with Dr. Blalock in St. Peters.

Cardinal Dental offers orthodontics for teens and adults who are good candidates. We always pursue the latest technology and techniques in modern dentistry, which often means safer, faster and more comfortable treatments for our patients. Contact our St. Peters office today to schedule your consultation for clear orthodontics.