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Root Canal Therapy

Pain from an infected tooth is difficult to ignore. While some patients may feel mild sensitivity, others can experience excruciating pain that makes it difficult to even concentrate. Why is an infected tooth so painful? The discomfort is a result of decay, damage or infection within the inner pulp of a tooth. This central portion of your tooth is where the tooth nerves reside, which means the slightest pressure or temperature change can produce shooting pain. At Cardinal Dental, we can bring you out of pain from an infected tooth with root canal therapy. Root canal therapy not only remedies your discomfort, but it can also save your natural tooth.

Dr. Blalock is an experienced family dentist who understands how patients often feel about root canals. She is diligent to explain this general dentistry procedure and reassure patients that root canal treatment is not painful. In fact, it is a straightforward therapy that provides immediate relief. Patients who avoid or delay a root canal may face tooth loss. While you may think an extraction is a cheaper and better alternative, patients need to consider the fact that a missing tooth will need to be replaced. While a dental implant can replicate a natural tooth, it is a more invasive and expensive option.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

During root canal therapy, Dr. Blalock will carefully remove the infected tooth pulp. We will clean the inner chamber and canal of the tooth before sealing it off with a special filling material. In many situations, the tooth will need to be re-strengthened and protected from future harm. Therefore, we may suggest a custom dental crown following your root canal procedure. Cardinal Dental uses advanced CEREC technology so that your dental crown can be ready in a single day!

If eating, sleeping or working is a challenge because of tooth pain, we can help you. Cardinal Dental uses the most proven techniques in the industry when it comes to root canal therapy. If needed, we also offer same day dentistry so that you can regain your smile comfort in the timely manner you deserve. Our office provides flexible scheduling, easy financing and modern amenities for the entire family. Contact Cardinal Dental now to book your infected tooth treatment from a leading dentist in St. Peters.