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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening continues to be one of the most sought after services in cosmetic dentistry. Its noninvasive method, high affordability and quick results are just a few reasons why professional teeth whitening is so popular. At Cardinal Dental, we proudly offer the most proven teeth whitening products in the industry so that you get the most valued return for your cosmetic dentistry investment.

Cigarettes, dark colored drinks and even the natural aging process are culprits for unsightly tooth discoloration. Whether you have stubborn stains on just a few teeth or an overall dulled or dingy smile, we can help. Teeth whitening from your dentist is an easy and quick solution to help you dramatically enhance your smile. If your smile has lost its brilliance, trust Dr. Blalock of Cardinal Dental. She has exceptional talent when it comes to improving the appearance of your teeth through all stages of life.

Teeth Bleaching from a Dentist

We want patients to achieve the bright smile they deserve, but never at the expense of their oral health. While there are countless over-the-counter whitening products, they may not be as effective or safe for your teeth and gums. At Cardinal Dental, we ensure your oral health is in good condition before beginning teeth whitening, and we monitor your results along the way. Our professional whitening gel is stronger than store-bought options, and it is less likely to cause gum irritation or tooth sensitivity.

To learn more about the teeth whitening options at Cardinal Dental, please contact our office today.