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Tooth Pain Relief

Dental pain is hard to ignore. Whether you woke up with a severe toothache or your pain has gradually increased over the course of several weeks, we can help you at Cardinal Dental. When it comes to tooth pain, there are a wide variety of culprits. Dr. Blalock not only uses advanced dental technology to diagnose and treat tooth pain, but she has vast experience and knowledge in all types of dentistry. We can offer effective, long-term relief for tooth pain caused by decay, gum disease, tooth trauma and other issues.

Cardinal Dental goes above and beyond to provide a comfortable environment for our patients, whether you are here for a routine visit or suffering from excruciating tooth pain. We offer soothing amenities to help you relax and sedation dentistry to reduce your anxiety even further. Dr. Blalock is qualified to treat both children and adults in general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We can bring you out of dental pain and ensure your smile regains optimal health and beauty.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

When it comes to jaw pain or associated symptoms of TMJ disorder, Cardinal Dental takes a unique collaborative approach. We offer chiropractic and trigger point injections for orofacial pain through Cardinal Physical Medicine, which is located next door and owned by Dr. Blalock's husband. We understand how much your quality of life can suffer if you have tooth pain or jaw pain.

To ensure we address your painful dental symptoms in a timely manner, Cardinal Dental offers flexible scheduling, same day dentistry and emergency dental care. We also use CEREC technology for any dental restorations you may need, which allows you to get a custom dental crown in just one visit.

If you or a member of your family is experiencing tooth or jaw discomfort, do not just assume it will go away. More often than not, your oral health is trying to warn you of an underlying problem. Contact Cardinal Dental today and schedule your tooth pain treatment with a trusted and experienced family dentist in St. Peters.